Wi-Fi Solutions.

Provide free Wi-Fi access to your guests,
customers, students or visitors.

Whether you’re the owner of a coffee shop, restaurant, car dealership, fast food franchise, guest house, student accommodation or even hotel, we’ll give your visitors the Wi-Fi experience they need. We also provide Wi-Fi Analytics (Customer Data Collection), which provides the demographics of your audience, their contact information as well as a campaigning tool that you can use to directly engage them via SMS.

Responsive Design
& Simple User Navigation.

Your Wi-Fi Hotspot login page has been optimized for responsive display. Getting connected is also quick and simple which improves the overall user experience and journey. The average time it takes to connect is around 26s.

Manage Your Branding
& Unlock Platform Features.

Through our Business Wi-Fi Client Portal, you have the ability to manage your Wi-Fi login screen branding, network status, obtain reporting, manage billing and of course, make use of the Wi-Fi Analytics campaigning tool.

Wi-Fi Analytics & SMS
Campaigning Tool.

Obtain customer demographics through free Wi-Fi user access, obtain customer contact information and set up effective customer SMS campaigns using our built-in SMS campaigning tool.