“How times have changed. Get to know your customers. Talk to them.”


Having FREE Wi-Fi Internet access for your customers is almost an expectation and norm these days. If you don’t have FREE Wi-Fi access in your coffee shop or guest house, you could be frowned upon which in turn, could get a bit awkward here and there. Why Wi-Fi Analytics? Wi-Fi Hotspot analytics is the business value you obtain through providing additional customer value. With Wi-Fi Analytics, you can start to understand who your customers are, their names, contact information and start building digital relationships. You can now communicate with customers, promote products or events, get customer feedback and counter competitor marketing initiatives.

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“It’s all about the business value.”


A fast-food franchise has a global brand promotion for 30% off burgers every Thursday. Every Thursday, you could be losing customers to their promotion.
With Wi-Fi analytics, you can counter their promotion and try to maintain your market share of customers, each Thursday, by means of direct communication (SMS), to decrease your potential loss in revenue.

“Hey everyone, we understand it’s been a long week so come down to John’s Bistro
for a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE burger special. SMS STOP to opt out.”

(SMS Sample text)

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