Customer Data Collection.

Establish a customer database of people
who have directly engaged with your business.

When visitors use your free Wi-Fi access, you can obtain important information about them such as their name, gender and contact information. Using our Wi-Fi Analytics platform, you can directly engage with your customers via our SMS campaigning tool and use their email addresses to further enhance your email marketing initiatives. From rewarding customer loyalty to announcing new brand campaigns, you can finally start building digital relationships directly with customers who engaged with your business.


Unlock Access to a Growing Customer Database.

Unlock Customer Contact Information & Demographics.

Promote Brand Activity
Directly to Customers.

Wi-Fi Analytics Case Study.

Start building digital relationships with your customers.

A fast-food franchise has a national brand promotion for 30% off burgers every Thursday. Every Thursday, you could be losing potential customers to their promotion. With Wi-Fi analytics, you can counter their promotion and help maintain your market share of those customers, by means of direct communication (SMS).

“Hey everyone, we understand it’s been a long week so come down to John’s Bistro for a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE burger special. SMS STOP to opt-out.” (SMS Sample text)